Ravi Bopara thrilled, relieved to find a taker in IPL

The USD 450,000 he fetched at the Indian Premier League auction do not matter much, says England batsman Ravi Bopara as he is more thrilled at finding a taker in Kings XI Punjab after watching two of his teammates going unsold.

Bopara said he would have been happy to play even at his base price of USD 150,000. The Essex all-rounder said after seeing England teammates Samit Patel and Luke Wright failing to get any bids from IPL franchisees, Bopara admitted he was relieved to get picked at all.

“It’s good news. I don’t want to concentrate on the price so much. I’m just delighted to be involved. I sat and watched the auction and as soon as someone put their finger up and said ‘we’ll have him for USD 150,000’ I was happy,” said Bopara.

“There was a bit of a bidding war and I was quite nervous which was weird. Everybody is keen to get involved in the IPL because it is jazzed up and you are playing against and alongside the best players in the world,” he added.

Bopara admitted he was a bit surprised by the USD 450,000 amount bid on him by the Yuvraj Singh-led team.

“I was so keen to play in it last year. But it wasn’t to be. I’m just so excited to be in it this year, I’d have been happy to go for USD 150,000. But USD 450,000 surprised me a bit and I’m not complaining,” he was quoted as saying by ‘Sun’.

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