Yuvraj Singh and Mandira Bedi cosy up in South Africa

According to sources from South Africa, Yuvraj Singh is believed to be more than just good friends with Mandira Bedi. Buzz is that the cricketer and the commentator have been bonding big time a couple of weeks after the Indian Premiere League took off.

“They were very good friends earlier, but somewhere along the way they got too busy with their schedules and couldn’t really keep in touch,” says our source, adding that Yuvi and Mandy caught up in SA like more than just long-lost buddies. The cricketer and television hottie’s bonding hasn’t gone unnoticed. The two have even made it to the the famous ‘fakeiplplayer’ blog as the author writes, “Sometime during this tournament, the Prince and Sandy Baddy Babe have renewed their long friendship.

They have been seen together in clubs, hotel lobbies and corridors having long discussions on the finer nuances of the beautiful game.” Reportedly, Prince is the blogger’s name for Yuvraj Singh while Sandy Baddy Babe is Mandira Bedi. Now this is something that isn’t too hard to believe.. since the Kings XI Punjab captain is reported to be quite a ladies’ man, considering his partying ways in Mumbai, Delhi etc. That was after he had broken up with long-time girlfriend, actress Kim Sharma.

Yuvi and Kim were in a relationship for four years.. and were reportedly even considering marriage. But it is believed that his mother didn’t exactly approve of an actress bahu right from the time they committed to each other. Initially everything was hunky dory, but after a couple of years, his mother’s dominance began to show.

Yuvi, who’s known to be a maa ka laadla, reportedly gave in under pressure from her.. and gradually he and Kim drifted apart, sometime in the middle of 2007. It’s believed that Yuvi used to call and SMS her till last year, but wisened a year-and-a-half since their split, Kim didn’t revert to him.

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