Lalit Modi hints at reducing strategy breaks

The much-criticised “strategy breaks” in the Indian Premier League could be revised for the semi-final and final matches, IPL commissioner Lalit Modi hinted on Tuesday.

Modi said the idea was yet to be ratified by the IPL technical committee but possibly the 15-minute strategy break would be reduced to 10 minutes.

He said instead of having one seven-and-a-half-minute interruption after the 10 over, it would be two two-and-a-half minute breaks in an innings, the second of which would be decided by the fielding side.

“It’s not frozen yet but we are looking at two aspects. There will be two two-and-a-half-minutes break per innings, so the break in all during an innings will be of five minutes.

“The first two-and-a-half-minute break will be just after the power play (6 overs) and the second to be taken by the fielding side at any time,” Modi said.

The IPL Commissioner said strategy breaks were a part of every sport and there is nothing new about it.

“It happens in every sport, there is a strategy break and everything. But 7.5 minutes may look like a bit longer, so we are seeing how we can reduce it down to five minutes,” Modi told a news channel.

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