Are Mumbai Indians riding their luck?

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Mumbai Indians streak of success has been analyzed in association with the tremendous form that Sachin Tendulkar, the captain of the team is into, and one does not have an iota of doubt to negate it. However, it also needs to be emphasized that luck has also played a great in the success of Mumbai Indians.

Had it not been so, they would not have got the opportunity to play so many matches in their home ground, Brabourne Stadium, or DY Patil Stadium. DY Patil Stadium is the official base for Deccan Chargers, but in a way it is a part of the greater Mumbai. What it means is that the Mumbai Indians have not been subjected to the ordeal of flipping around the countryside in the same manner as it has happed with other teams.

Where it not for the disturbances in Hyderabad, Deccan Chargers would have been playing their matches in Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians could also have to take same amount of travel, as it is done by other teams in the tournament. While they may not air their grievances openly, in heart of heart they would be ruing the lack of support from the crowd. Just by shifting the base to Mumbai, the club cannot get a fan following that it aspires. Were the matches played in Hyderabad it could have been a different ball altogether for Deccan Chargers as well.

May be Mumbai Indians needed this kind of luck as it is one team that has been blessed with talent of plenty but not was able to reorganize itself and come up to become one of the top teams of the tournament. It is also a team that needs to be encouraged, as it is probably the only team that is openly advocating the cause of education through its participation. No other team has taken the opportunity of the IPL to work for social causes, but Mumbai Indians thanks to its owner Neeta Ambani has been advocating it in a big way.

The kind of form that its captain, Sachin Tendulkar is displaying, could be the catalysis for the team to win the tournament for its captain, as one thing is for sure Sachin may not be there from the fourth season of IPL onwards, if the rules do not change. A player, as per the present system has to play for three seasons and Sachin may not be able to survive that long, but who knows, if Mumbai Indians win it, Sachin could still associate with it, may be as a coach!

By: Suman Rai

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