Mohammad Asif blames eye drop for high Nandrolone level

Tainted Pakistan pacer Mohammad Asif on Saturday told the Indian Premier League’s Drug Tribunal in Mumbai that he used a Nandrolone-laced eye drop which was the reason behind his failing a dope test during the IPL last year.

Confident of being cleared of doping slurs, Asif issued a statement in which he claimed that both the medical experts from his defense counsel and the prosecution agreed that he had taken “keratyl”, an eye drop containing Nandrolone, and this was the reason for his positive test during the IPL last year.

“Although the minimum sentence for using a banned substance is two years under WADA rules, but since Asif used by mistake an eye drop containing Nandrolone, the tribunal has decided to take a few days before giving its verdict on the case,” the statement said.

Asif appeared before the tribunal accompanied by his team of professionals including his legal counsels from Pakistan and India and Dr Michael Graham, a medical expert from England.

The statement said Asif and his legal counsel and doctor had made the point that it was sheer bad luck that the bowler didn’t realise that an eye-drop can have a banned substance.

“The hearing has finally come to an end after nearly eight months of mental exhaustion for the bowler,” the statement said.

Sources said Asif and his team had made the point at the hearing that he had never consumed or taken intentionally any drugs or banned substances and he was not aware that the eye drops raised the level of Nandrolone in his urine sample which was collected during the IPL.

It said the tribunal reserved its judgment due to the fact that this is an “exceptional” case where an eye drop has raised the level of Nandrolone in a human body.

The statement said the Pakistan team needed him back and the Pakistan board should support and stand by its player.

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