Mohammad Asif’s hearing may be shifted back to India

The flip flop over controversial Pakistan pacer Mohammad Asif’s hearing in the Indian Premier League doping case still continues with the IPL drugs tribunal contemplating of shifting back the venue of the hearing to India.

Asif’s was scheduled to appear before the drugs tribunal in London on January 24 following a request from the pacer and his lawyer Shahid Karim to shift the hearing to a neutral venue after Mumbai terror attacks escalated tensions between India and Pakistan.

However, Asif said that the IPL had recently suggested shifting the hearing back to India.

“Yes the IPL tribunal has suggested we have the hearing in India but my lawyer has still not given them an answer on this,” he said.

“Now they are having second thoughts about it, but we still believe that it would be better if the hearing is held in London,” he added.

Sources close to the bowler said the IPL tribunal had sent an email in which they pointed towards the growing stability in relations between India and Pakistan and suggested to hold the hearing back in India.

Asif is presently facing suspension from the Pakistan Cricket Board from all forms of the game, including domestic cricket, as he awaits a decision from the IPL drugs tribunal on the doping case.

The paceman had tested positive for a banned substance during the first edition of the Twenty20 league where he played for the Delhi Daredevils side.

His ‘B’ sample test also came positive in Switzerland but the volume of traces of the banned substance differed in both test results, prompting Asif to challenge the findings through his lawyer Karim.

Karim has said that Asif was innocent and had a strong case as they felt the procedure adopted to collect the samples for was flawed.

Karim has also said that the PCB should not have stopped Asif from playing cricket which was very frustrating for the pacer.

The PCB has kept aloof from the Asif saga and has declined to get involved in it despite the pacer’s repeated plea for support and legal help.

The PCB reiterated that it will not lift the suspension until the IPL drugs tribunal, that includes former Indian Test captain Sunil Gavaskar, comes with a verdict which is expected at the next hearing.

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