News agencies prepare to cover IPL

The IPL has relaxed its stringent media guidelines for covering the tournament and the major news agencies including Reuters and AP are now preparing to cover the event.

The News Media Coalition (NMC), on behalf of media interests worldwide, had been in discussion with the IPL about media accreditation arrangements and Andrew Moger, executive director of the NMC said: “It will bring a resolution to the difficult conversations we have had.”

And in a statement he added: “The outcome allows us to provide coverage of what promises to be a news-worthy spectacle. We are grateful for the time that the IPL’s officers have put into our successful dialogue.”

Lalit Modi, the IPL commissioner, said: “We are pleased to have reached this agreement with the global news media industry. This will now allow IPL fans across the world to gain access to the festival of sport and entertainment that is set to unfold here in South Africa over the next few weeks. It was always our intention to given an event like the IPL its proper due by having it covered by the world’s media. We are pleased to have reached this agreement.”

Last year’s inaugural IPL was boycotted by all three agencies after they refused to follow the strict rulings laid down by Modi over the distribution of editorial material and images. The NMC had initially failed to get the tournament’s organisers to amend the conditions for this year’s event which has been shifted to South Africa.

Now, though, Modi has softened his stance and the change of countries could well have played a part in him have to concede ground to the news outlets. It is understood that the terms and conditions have been significantly amended, although not every issue has been completely agreed upon.

Last year, besides agencies, news channels in India had also threatened a boycott over the constraints laid down by the IPL before agreeing to cover it after the tournament’s organisers acceded to their main demands.

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