No IPL matches 48 hours before polling: Lalit Modi

The Indian Premier League was fully aware of the importance of the coming Lok Sabha elections and would not hold IPL games up to two days prior to the polling dates across the match venues, IPL chairman Lalit Modi said on Tuesday.

“The IPL is fully congnizant of the importance of general elections in a country such as ours. We will go a step further to ensure that there will be no games 24 to 48 hours prior to the polling dates across the nine match venues in the country”, Modi said in a statement.

Stating that the IPL was working on the schedule to ensure that there was no clash of IPL matches with the election dates, Modi said the IPL would work with the state and local authorities to ensure the smooth conduct of the April 10-May 24 Twenty20 event.

“We will announce the new reworked schedule in the next 24 hours”, he added.

Modi also said that top level security would be provided during the second season of the IPL in the wake of today’s terror attack on the visiting Sri Lanka cricket team in Lahore, Pakistan.

“Let me assure each and everyone concerned with the tournament that we will leave no stone unturned to provide our cricketers, fans and stakeholders alike the best security arrangements.

“We are working in close conjunction with the Indian Government, the State Governments and franchisees for the safe and successful conduct of the tournament in 2009”, he said.

  1. Fathima Rishad

    Anyone who saw the interview of the home minister in the interview with the NDTV journelist would agree that his views on the IPL were twisted .Why should sports suffer ?…, Do we want to potray India in parallels with pakistan with respect to sequrity?…,If mumbai was a wake up call, Then why this hipocritical stand on sequrity?…, If the govt is unable to provide 50,000 people sequrity for 3 hrs …., with what sequrity are we living in ?

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