Pakistan Cricket Board issues gag order to players

The Pakistani Cricket Board has advised its players to refrain from making any comments on the issue of the government banning them from travelling to India to play in the Indian Premier League.

Some of the players, directly affected by the ban, said the PCB officials had called them up and told them not to give any statements or interviews on the IPL issue to any media outlet as it was a sensitive issue now as it involves the government.

“The Board has said that since it was a decision of the government to advise the Board to not send players for the IPL, it would be prudent for the cricketers to remain quiet on the sensitive issue,” one player said.

He said the PCB did not want any unwanted controversies. The PCB said on Monday that it had been advised by the foreign ministry to avoid sending players to play in the IPL in April because they had security concerns for the players because of the strained relations between the two countries after the Mumbai attacks.

Sources said some of the players who were already signed up for different franchises in the IPL were disappointed by the directives but were not wiling to say anything on the issue.

The PCB has also said that the government advisory on players travelling to India for the IPL would also apply to the players who were signed up with the Indian Cricket League.

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