Pakistani court refuses to ban Indian movies over IPL row

A Pakistani court on Tuesday dismissed a petition to ban Indian movies after the country’s players were snubbed in the Indian Premier League (IPL) auction in MumbaiĀ  in January.

The Lahore High Court ruled that the IPL’s decision to ignore Pakistani players was a move by a private company.

Justice Waqar Hasan, who heard the case, said he does not find any reason to ban Indian movies since it was a decision of private franchises.

A private petitioner wanted Indian movies to be banned in Pakistani cinemas after none of the 11 Pakistani players was picked in the IPL auction.

IPL franchisees decided against signing up any Pakistani cricketers for the third edition of the lucrative Twenty20 league in spite of the fact that Pakistan is the reigning World Twenty20 champion. The move ignited a strong reaction in Pakistan.

But the franchisees said their decision was based on commercial considerations as they were not sure the Pakistani players would be available for all IPL matches.

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