Pakistani pacer Mohammad Asif to challenge IPL ban

Still insisting that he had not taken any banned substance intentionally, Pakistani pacer Mohammad Asif on Wednesday said he would appeal against the one-year ban imposed on him by the Indian Premier League.

Asif, who was handed the ban for his dope flunk in the inaugural IPL last year, said that he had started consultations with his legal advisor to challenge the decision.

“I didn’t take any banned substances intentionally so I am not pleased with this ban. I told the IPL drugs tribunal I had used eye drops which I didn’t know contained the banned substance, Nandrolone,” Asif said.

“We will appeal against the ban. I don’t want to carry the stigma of having been found guilty of taking banned substances,” he added.

Asif insisted he had never used banned substances or performance-enhancing drug in his life and the IPL dope result had shocked him.

“It was something that shocked me because I don’t do drugs or banned substances. I will try to clear my name,” he said.

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