Pakistani players got a raw deal from Indian Premier League (IPL)

Pakistani cricketers got a raw deal from the Indian Premier League and were paid less than what they deserved, complained Younis Khan after watching English players fetch record bids in the IPL second season auction despite their limited availability.

Pakistani players will not be a part of IPL season II after the government barred them from travelling to India on ‘security grounds’.

Pakistani skipper, Younis Khan, said that after watching Englishmen Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff getting a record-breaking $1.55 million each in Friday’s auction, he wondered whether his country’s cricketers were paid less last season.

Flintoff and Pietersen would be able to play just three weeks of the six-week tournament that is scheduled in April.

“Unlike other countries particularly Pakistan where players rushed to get into the IPL, the English cricket board and their players avoided the first season. As a result, their demand increased for the second season,” he said.

“In contrast Pakistani players have got themselves a raw deal from the IPL. Look at Sohail Tanvir he was brought for just around $100,000 and he was the best bowler in the first season. Yet he has to manage with the same amount for the rest of his contract with Rajasthan Royals.

“In comparison to Pakistani players even local Indians fetched bigger prices. Which was surprising. Someone like Misbah-ul Haq, who was the best Twenty20 batsman last season, hardly got a reasonable price,” Younis pointed out.

Younis said another reason why the English players attracted such interest from the franchisees was the highly competitive Twenty20 domestic structure in England, which makes them a specialist of the shortest format of the game.

“English players are comparatively thought to be better Twenty20 cricketers because they first started this format at the domestic level,” he explained.

“No one knows if PCB gained anything from recommending players for the IPL. Like in the case of the English cricketers whose counties or board will get a share,” Younis said.

Younis feels India has gained the most from the IPL and its positive effects are beginning to show in the performance of their national team, which is on a nine-ODI unbeaten streak.

“I think Indian cricket has gained the most from the league in terms of improving their cricket standards and structure,” Younis said.

He said the presence of top players alongside young and established Indian cricketers has helped raise the standard of the game there.

“The effect has been that Team India has improved dramatically and one can see they are a changed side,” Younis said.

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