IPL strategy break not working, says Shane Warne

Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Warne has joined the growing chorus against the strategy break introduced in the Indian Premier League (IPL) T20 matches being played out across South Africa, saying it might make commercial sense but was not good for the game.

“I think the strategy breaks affect whatever side is behind (in the game),” Warne said, adding: “So, whoever has the momentum, the opposition can actually catch up in that break.”

“It doesn’t matter who is batting, Sachin (Tendulkar) or anybody else; you just lose momentum. But if you are behind, you can actually regroup and refocus to work out what you should actually do on the field and then go out and do it.

“From a purely cricketing point of view, I don’t think it works, but from a commercial point of view, I’m sure it works very well,” Warne added.

At the same time, he said the introduction of the strategy break had been “worth a try”.

The seven-and-a-half minute strategy break allows for IPL organisers to sell advertising for a reported Rs.4,000 per 10 seconds.

Warne was also asked to compare IPL-2 in South Africa to the inaugural season in India.”

“I think the wonderful thing about playing cricket in India is the passion of the people. You get some of that in the games on television, but the atmosphere at the (stadiums) was unbelievable. ”

“In 20 years of playing first class international cricket, I don’t think I could ever imagine or experience anything like we experienced last year as a group”

“Coming into South Africa is obviously going to be different. It is to the South African people’s credit (for the) wonderful way over here that they have embraced the IPL. They come to the games (although) they have got a long international cricket season here as well, so to have so many people at the games makes it more exciting,” Warne said.

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