Would be happy to show Shilpa Shetty some tricks, says Shane Warne

Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Warne would be happy to oblige team co-owner Shilpa Shetty, who had earlier indicated ignorance of the rules of Twenty20 cricket and alluded she would learn them from the skipper.

“I would be happy to show Shilpa some tricks,” Warne said, to the amusement of an audience gathered.

“You haven’t heard about the latest movie (South African captain and Rajasthan Royals teammate) Graeme (Smith) and I are starring in?” Warne asked in jest in response to a question.

“Shilpa, me and Graeme (in one movie)? You haven’t heard about that one yet?” Warne continued.

“We’re ready to sign a deal. If there’s a deal for a Bollywood movie, we’re in!”

On a more serious note, Warne said: “I think (the link to Bollywood) is great for cricket. We’re lucky to have someone like Shilpa getting involved. I think that the match between Bollywood and cricket is very, very good.”

“Bollywood has always been involved with cricket indirectly,” added veteran record-holding cricketer.

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