Shane Warne lauds young Indian players in IPL

Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Warne has lauded the young Indian players in the side as the ones who would ensure triumph for India in the World Cup Twenty20 in future.

Speaking at a function, Warne, South African captain Graeme Smith and other members of the team replied to queries from the audience and shared their experiences so far in the Indian Premier League (IPL) series, on across South Africa until May 25.

“If India want to do really well in the World Cup Twenty20, all these guys here should be in their sights for doing a really exceptional job,” Warne said.

Young player Siddarth Trivedi said: “IPL has changed my cricketing life because the selectors have started noticing me after my performance last year.

“In 2003 I was on the fringe … but somehow I could not make it. But last year my performance (in the IPL) was good and I also won the title. That helped me a lot and I came back into the limelight again.”

Commenting on his achievement of becoming one of the highest wicket-takers in India in first-class cricket, Trivedi said: “Shane (Warne) told me that whatever ball you bowl should be the best ball of your life, so I give 100 percent commitment to whatever ball I bowl.”

Ravindra Jadeja was overawed at his selection in the Rajasthan Royals. “It feels great to be able to play alongside such great players,” he said.

“They give us great confidence in the dressing room as well, something which started last year and is continuing.

“The IPL is a wonderful platform for youngsters like us. Getting the opportunity to play with players of such international stature inspires us to go and do even better next year by building on what we have learnt from them.”

Kamran Akmal of Pakistan, asked if he ever dreamt of making it in Bollywood, retorted in Hindi with a short, swift answer: “I have no ambitions of Bollywood or anything else. I am devoting all my time only to cricket for now.”

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