South Africa has perfect conditions

England will be wet and cold in April and May. The pitches will be fresh and the dampness will assist the bowlers. “Bowlers will have a wonderful time and it will be difficult for the batsman to score freely as it happens in a Twenty20 game. So, don’t expect a lot of fours and sixes during the IPL if it happens in England. A total of 130 to 140 is a winning score,” an IPL official told on Monday.

“Nobody tours England in April and May. West Indies had been scheduled to play the Test series there from May because England want match practice ahead of the Ashes. That series is on hold now. Technically, July onwards, England is a perfect place to play cricket,” a team official noted.

In comparison, conditions in South Africa should be better for T20 matches. “The wickets will be hard for sure and will be full of runs. The crowd will certainly get entertained. South Africa will be cold due to the onset of winter but the conditions will be perfect. The only disadvantage is that the number of Indian supporters will be fewer in South Africa.”

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